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It's almost time: Northwest Flower and Garden Show Feb 22 through Feb 26.

More events are on my Events Page.

Radio Show: February 18

Today my show goes from noon to 2 p.m. This is not a permantent time slot but I will keep you informed as I find out what time my show will end up. My guest today is Janet Endsley, Seminar & Judging Manager of the Northwest Flower & Garden Show coming up February 22 through 26. Wow, it begins THIS Wednesday! Janet and I will talk about the judges and seminars at this year's show.

Last week, I interviewed Lloyd Glasscock, Garden Coordinator for the NWFG Show.

Guests from February 4

Zsofia Pasztor, executive director of Farmer Frog is one of the authors of Design & Build Your Own Rain Gardens For the Pacific Northwest. We talked about why rain gardens are important, and how homeowners can use this book to construct their own rain gardens or to help them ensure that a hired company does it properly.

The Arboretum Foundation's longest-serving volunteer, Elizabeth Moses, came in to talk about the NWFG Opening Party and Auction 'Savoring Spring'. It's a great event that supports the arboretum while providing a great night out and a sneak peak at the gardens.


Recently, Nita-Jo Rountree joined me in the studio. She is the author of the newly released Growing Roses in the Pacific Northwest, 90 Best Varieties for Successful Rose Gardening. Nita Jo will also be speaking (and signing books) at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

Heated hummingbird feeders

Recently, on my radio show, I talked about heated hummingbird feeders. You can find them at Hummers heated delight in Oregon.

A Visit to Urban Hardwoods

I recently visited Urban Hardwoods in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. They make wonderful furniture out of trees that have to be cut down.


Two trips to Ireland: September, 2017

My first trip to Ireland filled up before it was publicized so we added a second tour.

You can check out both itineraries in the Northwest Travel Links above. There is currently a wait list for the 1st trip (Ireland South) but there are a couple of spots open for the 2nd trip (Ireland North). If you are interested, contact Brad at Northwest Travel, 425-313-1691.

Rain gardens

KING5 recently teamed up with 12,000 Rain Gardens. Rain gardens are a smart and proven way of using beautiful landscaping to: beautify and improve homes and neighborhoods, reduce flooding, clean our waterways, protect our precious natural habitats and save millions of dollars in pollution clean-up and massive utility construction projects. Check out their Resource Page, in particular the WSU Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington.

You can find rain garden design and construction tips on the DIY Network, part of HGTV. The rain gardens shown were constructed in the Western Washington cities of Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Puyallup, Seattle and Kirkland.

New Day Northwest: Next Appearances: February 20

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Recycling is Easy!

I live in Seattle and the Seattle Public Utilities makes recycling easy. Every year, they send out a flier to remind you what goes where but if you are unsure where to put something, you can Look it Up!