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Gardening with Ciscoe ( ) Dogs


Besides gardening and brussels sprouts, I'm nuts about dogs. Luckily, so is Mary and we have (now and in the past) great dogs.

Fred and Ruby (check out their photo album)

Goldie and Kokie were great dogs too. They were my great pooches for many years and came with me to Seattle University every day.

Other Links

  • Petfinder

    A compilation of pets at various rescues. You can easily search by animal, age, size, etc for a given zip code. Note that many rescue organizations require an application in order to adopt a pet. They simply want to make sure that the animal you adopt will have a safe and attentive environment.

  • Lil' Waif

    This is where Fred and Ruby came from. Thank-you Lil' Waif!

  • Pasados Safe Haven

    Fights to alleviate animal suffering and provides a sanctuary to many animals.

  • Whisker City

    I recently attended an auction to benefit this organization. Profits go to the rescue & rehabilitation of abandoned, abused and neglected pets.

  • The Humane Society of the United States
  • Main Line Animal Rescue

    MLAR sponsored a billboard four blocks from Oprah's Studios in Chicago which resulted in a program about puppy mills. Visit their website to learn what you can do to help shut down puppy mills. Also, learn what you need to know if you would like a puppy (be careful of obtaining a puppy from a pet store or directly from the internet). Remember that responsible breeders and rescues will always be interested to know about you because they care about the puppy's new environment.


Timmy's Rescue

Fred and Ruby both came from a puppy rescue in Bothell (Lil' Waif) but they were both born in Eastern Washington. The owner of Lil' Waif, Rebecca Kizanis, recently wrote a book called Timmy's Rescue: One Lil' Waif at a Time. We recently received a copy in the mail. Both Mary and I expected a somewhat fluffy book, full of tales of puppyhood. While it included heartwarming stories about matching wonderful puppies with equally wonderful families, it also described the realities involved in puppy rescue. It definitely is an eye opener and we are all the more thankful that so many caring people rescued Fred and Ruby from a dismal life and/or premature death.


Find out more about Timmys Rescue and Lil' Waif. You can also buy the book at many booksellers: Barnes and Noble, Powell's Books, and Amazon to name a few.

Note that our Freddy is on the back cover!

Updated: 11/28/09