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Don't forget ... plants need water!

Radio Show: September 16 (noon to 1 p.m.)

I am off in Ireland hosting 2 garden tours. I will be back to the radio on Saturday, October 7. Until then, here are your hosts:

  • September 16: Nita-Jo Rountree, garden speaker and author. Her newest book is Growing Roses in the Pacific Northwest. Besides roses, she is an expert on hydrangeas, annuals, perennials, ...
  • September 23: Marianne Binetti, northwest horticultural expert. Besides lecturing and writing, she hosts garden tours all over the place so check out her website.
  • September 30: Marty Wingate, garden writer and expert on all things Britain. She has authored many garden books; plus a garden mystery series and a birding mystery series.

    Upcoming Appearances open to the public (Fall):

    I am off to Ireland September 9; home in early October. I have appearances beginning October 11. Will list soon.

    Plants need water!

    Even if you don't keep your lawn watered during drought periods, your trees and shrubs need water! It has been a long time since we've had any measureable rain. Don't ignore your long established plants as they get thirsty as well. Water slowly and deeply so the water gets down to the roots.

    Rain gardens

    KING5 recently teamed up with 12,000 Rain Gardens. Rain gardens are a smart and proven way of using beautiful landscaping to: beautify and improve homes and neighborhoods, reduce flooding, clean our waterways, protect our precious natural habitats and save millions of dollars in pollution clean-up and massive utility construction projects. Check out their Resource Page, in particular the WSU Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington.

    You can find rain garden design and construction tips on the DIY Network, part of HGTV. The rain gardens shown were constructed in the Western Washington cities of Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Puyallup, Seattle and Kirkland.

    New Day Northwest:

    I am on New Day Northwest most Every Other Monday. Do you have a question or are you just curious about something around the garden? Submit your dilemma for consideration for a "Ciscoe Save Me" segment. Send an email (with pictures if possible) to and your question might make it on T.V.