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  • Home Page Updated frequently to remind you of where I will be speaking, local events in the community, etc.
  • Contact Contains various ways to get a hold of me.
  • Publicity My bio and pictures for those organizing/advertising my talks.


  • T.V. Time and Station (and call-in number if applicable) of Ciscoe's various shows.
  • Radio Time and Station and call-in number for radio show.
  • Recent Guests Recent guests that I interviewed on my radio show.
  • Newspaper When and where to find Ciscoe's articles.
  • Book Title and publisher information of "ASK CISCOE".


  • Talks Where/when/what of all my upcoming talks.


  • Lawns Get my lawn outline here.
  • Shapes Several shapes to choose from to calculate square footage; then calculate amount of fertilizer needed.
  • Fertilizer Enter square footage and calculate amount of fertilizer needed.
  • Topics Garden Topics that I am frequently asked about.
  • Handouts Lecture Handouts from my more popular talks.


  • Dogs Contains links to various organizations.


  • Past Trips Brief description of recent garden tours and a bit of independent travel.


  • Recipes This is where I hide the brussels sprouts. For non-sprout eaters, there is a link to PCC and their recipes.

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Updated: 03/28/14