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Past Trips

Corsica, 2015
Mary and I went to Corsica in May, 2015. Hiked a lot, slept in a tent, sipped morning coffee next to yachts, and enjoyed happy hour (again with the yachts).
New Zealand, 2015
We flew to Dunedin on the South Island. Worked our way up through Queenstown to Christchurch. On to Napier, through Rotorua and on to Auckland. Great gardens, adventures (bungee jumping) and wineries along the way!
Cuba, 2014
This was a great people to people tour through Earthbound Expeditions. If you are thinking about Cuba, you may want to visit soon before it changes.
Bier Garten Tour, 2013
We started in the Czech Republic, traveled through Austria and Germany and ended up at Oktoberfest in Munich. On the way home we stopped over in Iceland. Definitely tasted the beer as we traveled!
Walking the Coast of Cornwall, 2012
Miles of walking by day. Pints of Beer by night. Who could ask for anything more? Singing in the Rain in London at the end!
Gardens of Spain and Portugal, 2011
Oh La La. One of our best garden tours ever. Great architexture, food, wine, and, of course, gardens. Not only that, but we had excellent guides and the greatest group of travelers ever!
Ethiopia, 2010
Fascinating! The culture, people, religion, food, mountains. It was a something that I will always remember.
Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula), 2009
Beautiful beaches, yes ... but loads of culture and history. It was a great 10 days including Mayan ruins, Our Virgin of Guadalupe celebrations, colorful towns, folk dancing in Merida and a few days at the beach.
Southern France / Northern Italy, 2009
(garden tour)
What an easy place to lead a tour: Great gardens, colorful markets, delicious food, tasty wine and fun companions. The hitches of the trip happened early: After a delayed flight and a stalled bus, we rolled into our evening buffet at the hotel at 1 a.m. A good time was had by all and the rest ofo the journey went flawlessly!
India, 2008
This was a trip that only Mary and I went on but it was memorable and wonderful. Give yourself a month to get immersed in the culture and you will want to go back. We landed in Delhi, spent 12 days in Rajasthan, then flew to the very South and worked our way up to Bangalore spending time in Kerala. We traveled on trains, buses, auto rickshaws and even rode clunky old bicycles through a National Park. The people were friendly, the women were colorful, and the food was wonderful.
South Africa, 2007
(garden tour)
We began in Johannesburg and visited many great gardens including Little Brenthurst. Reg (our guide) also showed us around his garden in Pretoria - Oh La La - what a garden! Then we spent 5 days in Cape Town, saw more great gardens; plus went to the Cape of Good Hope. From there, we spent 3 days tasting wines in the Stellenbosch region (it's a tough life). Finally we went on Safari at Pilansberg National Park where we saw hippos, lions, elephants and more.
Southern Italy, 2006
(garden tour)
After visiting gardens in Rome and the Amalfi Coast, we ate some pizza in Naples; then jumped on an overnight ferry for Sicily. After a morning cappucino, we toured Palermo as it was waking up on a Sunday morning. After garden touring and market grazing, we visited the botanical garden. Then we made our way into the interior of Sicily stopping at great Greek Temples on the way. We ended up in the beautiful seaside resort town of Taormina where we said good-bye to Italy.
New York and Boston, 2005
(garden tour)
Have you ever heard of a baseball / garden tour? I have because I led one. We landed in New York, took a harbor tour, and saw great gardens. Among the highlights was a game at Yankee Stadium where we were polite and did not boo. We traveled up through the Berkshires with more gardens on the way; plus a stop at Cooperstown (very Oh La La) to visit the baseball hall of fame. We ended the tour in Boston with a great baseball evening at Fenway Park.

and there's more! But they are not on the web yet. Keep watching if you are a traveler.