Gardening with Ciscoe ( www.ciscoe.com )

Contact Ciscoe

If you have a garden question, please call my radio show (10 to noon on Saturday) at 1-888-973-KIRO.

I also answer questions on my live Friday night TV show from 6 to 6:30 p.m. The number is 1-800-305-NWCN (same as 1-800-305-6926).

My email address is ciscoe@ciscoe.com

Please note:

I try to answer as many emails as possible. Because of the volume of questions, I can't answer them all but if I do reply to you, be assured that it is from me. As always, please DO call one of my shows as I would love to talk to you and answer your question live.

If you want to schedule a talk, please contact Mary at ciscoeinfo@comcast.net

If you are interested in obtaining my book, please see my media page (book section).